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Focus On The 3 Keys To Maximize Online Marketing Success


Online it's all about being seen by your potential demographic. The more key places you post content, brand names, links and videos the faster you will attract traffic. Your #1 Goal is to create legitimate backlinks, get your site indexed by the search engines and get ranked on Page 1 for your important keywords. Our team specializes in these strategies.


Your Reputation online is even more important than offline. In the 'old' days before the internet there was nowhere to post bad reviews that would immediately be seen by the 'entire' world. The internet has changed that drastically. Now your credibility is at serious risk to bad reviews. Fortunately there are powerful ways to change that problem.


Word-of-Mouth has always been important. Offline, it used to be a vital part of all marketing. Today, the online world requires a different set of strategies, but Creating 'Buzz' is essential. Cause-Based Marketing and other Social Media Marketing Strategies can create an 'Explosion' of traffic activity. Let us help launch a campaign for you.

What Makes PDQ Pro's BizPDQ Services Different?

PDQ Pro LLC is the company behind We know that today business moves faster than ever before. PDQ is a universally-known acronym meaning 'Pretty Darn Quick'. And every business owner and all top leaders should focus on the rapid changes, the dynamic reality and the frantic pace that impacts every company.

Results Matter! But Our Customized Focus Is Designed to Rapidly Change Your World.

Every company is unique. A 'One-Size-Fits-All' approach (which most online consultants offer) is often clumsy and wasteful. The founders of PDQ Pro have decades of hands-on business experience ranging from business development, business process, leadership, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurial start-ups to business plans and capital raising. The key however, is NOT the wide range of experience ... It is our mental approach that sets us apart. We have never accepted or tolerated bureaucratic or corporate politics related time-wasting inefficiency! We are all about focused vision, creative and proactive planning ... and most important efficient implementation of state-of-the-art business and marketing strategies. Bottom Line: Identify the real goals fast, choose the right resources based on the budget AND Take Action. Obviously, a vital part of this process is constantly measuring and modifying every part of any active campaign or initiative.

The Right Marketing Plan - Focused & Multi-faceted, Yet Budget-Driven.

We work closely with you to plan every aspect of each campaign you want to launch. This includes fine-tuning budget planning, marketing goals, understanding the demographics of your ideal customer and all design/content/media decisions. The better we comprehend your goals and true expectations, the better your campaign and results.

Focused Marketing Is Only One Element Of Every Successful Business ... What Else Do You Need To Stack The Odds In Your Favor?

Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives are key focus points for most successful people. But nowhere is that more important than when you run a growing small business. We have all heard that taking action is vital to success but the real question is how do you prioritize the best steps to take next?

The fact is objectives change dramatically, based on what stage your company is in. Start-ups need rapid 'proof-of-viability' action and foundation-based results FAST. Early-Growth stage companies almost always need more capital, product development focus and marketing breakthroughs. And all companies need to get better at recruiting, training and culture-building. The bottom line is goals constantly change in every dynamic business. Let us know if you need help ...

Outsourced Project Management May Help Speed Growth

More companies than ever before find that outsourcing projects or tasks gets better, faster and more affordable results. Learn how to focus your inhouse staff on your core business and outsource the rest. The fact is experts who are specialists often get things done faster than overworked in-house personnel. You should focus your teams on your core business related activities.

A simple example would be that architects should focus on designing buildings, drawing blueprints and overseeing construction. That architectural firm should consider outsourcing accounting services, legal services, internet services, HR (Human Resources), etc. Look for ways you might benefit from that advice in your company. We may be able to help simplify this process!

Get a 'SmartBiz' Checkup

An unbiased third-party assessment makes sense for every growing company. There is no doubt, most business owners & top leaders are very good at what they do but it's common to overlook some critical issues or opportunities. A comprehensive analysis of your business processes, structure, marketing plan, competitive analysis, staff relationships & training may take your business to the next level. Our 'SmartBiz' Checkup may help with this.

Here's A Look At Some Of The Things We Do ...

Business Consulting

Small or large Projects with a strong focus on a leadership-based culture, team building and training staff. Early stage & Entrepreneurial Mentoring are a specialty of ours.

Online Marketing

We can help with a wide range of internet marketing projects including, content & video creation, SEO, Social Marketing, Reputation & Brand Management & More

Capital Raising Prep

As life-long Entrepreneurs, the founders have extensive start-up and early growth experience. We can help validate you business vision and help guide you.

Business Plans

Extensive Experience developing and writing business plans and financial proformas, including presentation materials and similar resources.

Business Presentations

We can develop a variety of PowerPoint presentations to help when you need to feature products, services, training and investor updates and business summaries.

Market Research

Research is an important function for most start-up and growth stage companies. We can offer general market research and competitive research services.

Website & Video Development

A vital part of any marketing and branding project is creating a fast, dynamic and responsive website and video presence online.

Training Services

Successful businesses have one thing in common: great employees who are always training to get better. We can help assess your staff and set up a training program.

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We'd like to invite you to take the next step. The purpose of your first No-Cost Consultation is to begin to build a comfortable working relationship. You get the chance to know more about us and ask any questions you may initially have ... and it lets us know more about you and your company's goals.

We do everything we can to simplify your online/offline marketing efforts. Our #1 goal is to give you and your team WOW Over-The-Top service. We are happy to work with small clients with limited budgets who are looking for growth or just getting started ... as well as larger clients with more aggressive goals.

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