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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Business Services do you offer? is a business resource and consulting company owned by PDQ Pro LLC. We offer business services, project management, capital raising preparation and advisory services, and other business resources. We are passionate about eliminating overhead costs by using a concept we developed, called ‘Consulting Wholesale. This means you save money.

What kind of consulting services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of consulting options. We offer general business consulting in-house, led by one of the founder’s public company CEO experience. We provide more specialized consulting using expert on-call consultants who share our ‘Consulting Wholesale’ philosophy … that guarantees you the lowest price possible access to premium services.

What is Project Management and how can it benefit me?

Project management is ideal for new and lower-budget growing companies. Giant companies have traditionally always kept everything they do in-house, though that has begun to change in recent years. Small companies can’t afford to keep non-core departments in-house. Our project management services allow you to outsource all kinds of projects to us … and keeps your people focused on doing what you do best.

What capital raising services do you offer?

.We try to offer a full range of capital raising services. This includes business plan strategies, creation (writing), financial pro-forma spreadsheet packages, start-up and early stage business concept evaluation & strategic options, crowd-funding, private placement development and a variety of other funding services. We are ‘outside-the-box’ fanatics who care about results.

What is 'Consulting Wholesale' and why should I care?

The founder conceived the Consulting Wholesale concept after opting out of the ‘big corporate world. Big companies and big name consulting firms have huge overhead, big bureaucracy … and really big fees. As the digital world matured, many top-flight, talented consultants ditched the politics and decided to ‘stay home’. Consulting Wholesale taps into these experts at much lower cost … and passes the savings on to you.

Do you offer digital and social marketing services?

The whole world has gone digital. The internet is a vital part of the current and future business world. Internet marketing is simply another ‘must-have’ marketing channel to help your company survive and prosper in today’s world. We offer a full range of online marketing services, some in-house and some through our expert, affordable ‘Consulting Wholesale’ options.