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Below is a partial list of the services we offer. The list is constantly changing due to the dynamic nature of the business world. Our primary focus is on Leadership, Business Growth and Capital Raising services …


We Can (almost) Do it All

Business Consulting

Leadership Training

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

Get Help Validating Your Business Vision

Business Structure Analysis

Business Presentations

Capital Raising preparation

Crowd Funding

Business & Marketing Plans

Start-up & Early Growth guidance & Mentoring

‘Consulting Wholesale’

Online Marketing

Business has changed … And your company almost certainly needs help to excel in this hyper-fast dynamic new world. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners/managers become exceptional leaders. Business ‘culture’ is more imporant than ever. Coercion and force … that ‘because I said so’ behavior that once may have worked, will send your company ever closer to the bankruptcy courts than ever before. Let us help your company soar … Ask us about our ‘Smart-Biz’ Checkup today!

Leadership Culture ...

Leadership is NOT optional these days. Learn how to adopt a true leadership culture in your company. NOTE: when most companies talk about leadership it’s simply PR nonsense. Real Leadership is THE magical secret ingredient that leads to greatness.

Consulting Wholesale ... Tap into our network of Affordable Experts

Our proprietary ‘Consulting Wholesale’ concept is all about getting the ‘best’ for less. Why should you have to pay for giant consulting companies’ overhead and bloated expenses. Our growing network of experts have chosen to downsize themselves, ‘get a life’ while working from home. They have the experience, the credentials, charge less money, but net more. It’s a true ‘Win-Win’ for all.

Capital Raising ... the right way

Raising capital is never easy. When you choose to work with our team, we won’t ‘sugar-coat’ the process. You need to analyze and research every aspect of your planned growth, get help researching your foundational strategy, write a business and action plan that is realistic, believable, has sizzle … and attracts attention. We will help you create a business plan on steroids AND all the supporting financials, presentations and even a website where you can showcase your campaign.

Online Marketing Services ... Viral Traffic & Online Visibility Are Vital

The marketing world has changed radically these past few decades. A shocking number of companies just don’t measure up. The problem is most older companies are complacent. Unfortunately that attitude leads to irrelevance and often failure. Let our team help guide you while you overhaul your digital marketing strategies. We can offer everything from SEO, video marketing, social media marketing, press release based marketing, geo-targeted local marketing and more.


Try Our Tested Process

Research & Analysis

We can help research your industry, your market, your competition and more. This will simplify new product or service launches you may be planning, or identify untapped opportunities you may not have recognized. This is especially valuable for companies looking to raise money or expand, regionally, nationally or globally.

Roadmap planning

What are your expansion and growth goals. There are many potential paths or options you need to consider as you plan your firm’s growth. Let us help create a structure that can blueprint short, medium and longer-term options for your company.This roadmap can also better clarify the company’s ‘Process’ mapping.

'Smart-Biz' Checkup

Get a 3rd Party professional assessment of your company’s state of wellbeing. This is often a real challenge for most CEO’s and founders. ‘Top Brass’ at any organization usually believe they know better than any outsider. This vital assessment is totally confidential and designed as a planning tool to highlight future options.

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